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Ellipal has collaborated with Legend Trading, allowing users to conveniently and safely purchase or sell digital currencies using their bank accounts or credit cards directly through the Ellipal wallet.

Our integration

Ellipal's crypto wallet has now joined forces with Legend Pay's fiat service, making it simpler for users to purchase and sell cryptocurrencies using their bank accounts or credit cards. By providing institutional-level trading services, Legend Pay guarantees that users receive optimal pricing and substantial liquidity. This collaboration facilitates the execution of single trades up to $20 million in size while adhering to regulatory requirements.

About Ellipal

Ellipal is a technology company focused on developing secure and user-friendly cryptocurrency hardware wallets and related solutions. Their flagship product is the Ellipal Titan, a hardware wallet designed to provide top-notch security and ease of use for storing, managing, and trading cryptocurrencies. The wallet supports a wide range of digital assets and offers features such as QR code-based transactions, a touchscreen interface, and an air-gapped design to protect users' private keys from unauthorized access.

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